Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wednesday, March 18

Los Angeles Times reported on President Obama’s Southern California trip, where he was there to sell his economic policies. President Obama will hold town-hall-style meetings at Los Angeles and Orange County. Obama said little that was new. He fielded questions to his policies and called for the creation of more jobs. Moreover, it said he accepted the responsibility for the AIG scandal. During his visit, President Obama stressed his economic stimulus plan, including the $787-billion package approved by Congress. LA Times focused on President Obama’s stepped-up public appearances are designed to sell the economic programs across the country. But unlike other trips, California also offers the president a chance to sample a celebrity forum, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," which is part of the effort to reach out to Californians and Americans.

The Washington Post focused on the same story of President Obama using a town hall meeting to argue that he is "trying to bring balance back to our economy” and taking responsibility for the AIG scandal. The President's trip here represents the beginning of a national campaign for his budget, which he has said demands new spending to change the health-care system, energy policy and public education that may not yield result for years. Most of the questions focused on California's abysmal economy. By coming to Southern California, the popular president is selling those ideas in a region looking hard for remedies.

The New York Times
, however, covered in detail of a different topic altogether. It ran a story about President Obama and his advisers’ decision to significantly expand Afghanistan’s security forces in the hope that a much larger professional army and national police force could fill a void left by the central government and do more to promote stability in the country.

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First photo by Bryan Chan / Los Angeles Times
Second Photo by Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times
Third photo by Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

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